I was raised in Northern Virginia, but have lived outside of Philadelphia and New York City, as well as in Williamsburg, VA and Norfolk, VA.  I am an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, and am passionate about people and ministry in the local church. I believe that being a Christian can and should be fun and exciting.  I am known for being a quirky extrovert with an eclectic shoe collection.

What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?“I am excited to discover how my gifts and graces can serve the church and the community in Crozet!  I consider myself a preaching and teaching pastor who loves people, so opportunities to deepen relationships are of deep importance to me.  It has been such a blessing to meet people, hear their stories, and share in laughter and joy.  Jesus modeled being with people, and showing them love.  I believe that I am called to the same”

What are you passionate about?“I am passionate about Scripture.  My background in World Religions allowed me to spend several years studying the Old Testament with rabbis.  Thanks to their insight and wisdom, I have cultivated a love of the Old Testament.  My sermons always start with the Scripture, and I enjoy reading it in community.  Bible Study is a crucial part of my life personally and professionally.”

What do you like most about Crozet UMC?“Crozet is a wonderful blend of people with a vast array of experience and culture.  I have fallen in love with the views of the mountains, and the incredible culinary delights to be had.  I am ever thankful to the foresight of the church to relocate to the center of town, so that we are now in the middle of life and visible to the community.  Opportunities to bless others abound!”