Ruth and I joined this sweet church in 2016, transferring from First UMC in Fort Collins, Colorado. We were both born and raised in southern California, dated through high school, and married in the Cadet Chapel at West Point, New York on graduation day 1965. Careers following military service included management, engineering and R&D in the food processing industry, and ownership and operation of several child development enterprises. We moved here from Colorado in 2009 following retirement.

What most excites you about your ministry & the contribution you can make? This is a time of change for CUMC as our family of faith deals with a pandemic, social unrest, racial and other human equity, and changing demographics. My careers have given me considerable experience managing change, and I hope to contribute that to our church.

What are you passionate about? I believe a successful life means leaving this mortal world in better shape than I found it. I want to make a positive difference and help others in their similar journeys.

What do you like most about Crozet UMC? Music cuts across and joins together all peoples, all beliefs, all human strengths and frailties. Our church embraces music as a ministry, not just an adjunct to worship. I also value the vitality brought by the youth, young families, and legacy members worshiping together.