I was born and raised on Long Island.  After college I made the journey down South where I met my husband.  We moved to Charlottesville five years ago.  We have one son and one daughter.  I started attending services off and on at Crozet UMC after taking a teaching position with Kingswood Christian Preschool and I finally became a member in April of 2018.

Why do you teach preschool?  What don’t I love about it would be a better question. I’ve been teaching for 14 years and am still amazed that I get paid to play!  Preschool age children are good for your soul. They make me see things through their eyes and that exposes the beauty of the world that we live in.  I am also a strong advocate of developmentally appropriate teaching practices, helping them to be successful when they eventually move onto elementary school. Lastly, they just say the best things.  I get to laugh on a daily basis.

When you are not teaching preschool, what can we find you doing?In my spare time I love acting, singing, & dancing on the stage.  I also have recently took up knitting and cannot get enough it. I also enjoy spending time at home with my 2 teenagers, my husband, 1 cat, 2 dogs, and 1 crazy ferret.

What are you passionate about?  My first passion is teaching and working with children.  I have always wanted to be an educator.  My other passion in life is music, especially in the realm of musical theater.  I have been singing and performing since a very young age.

What do you like most about Crozet UMC? That is so hard to say because there are so many things.  Everyone is so warm and welcoming.  I am so impressed with the mission work of the church as well.  I love seeing a congregation come together and love each other the way Jesus wanted us to.