The Prisoner
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Convicted felon.  Repeat offender.  Former prison inmate.  These are not the descriptions that often come to mind when we think of the Apostles, but perhaps we should reconsider the amount of time they spent in jail.  Peter, Paul, and John were all imprisoned for preaching the Gospel.  Other disciples also joined them in jail, such as Silas.  John the Baptist was an inmate before his execution.  If we go into the Old Testament, some of God’s most faithful found themselves as prisoners: Joseph, Samson, and Daniel.  Even Jesus was imprisoned in the house of the High Priest and Pilate before he was executed.  Jesus calls us to look beyond the stigma of prison to see the person.  Can we learn to love those that society has rejected and locked away?  What does that love look like?  Join us as we explore how we can help others overcome their imprisonment, and be transformed by the power of grace, and discover our place in God’s plan. Associated Scripture: Matthew 25:31-40