The Hungry
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Our Fall Worship series invites you to dwell with Christ, and immerse yourself in his words from Matthew 25.  Too often his depiction of the Day of Judgement is glossed over, and quickly forgotten as we move on in the business of our lives.  But Jesus wants us to be aware of and attentive to those he calls “the least of these.”  Those people who are cast aside by society, but never God.  God seeks to comfort and encourage them through the presence and work of those who claim the name of Jesus Christ.  One out of nine of the 7.3 billion people who populate Earth are chronically undernourished.  They are the hungry, and we are called to feed them.  Come see how we plan to do that this year at Crozet UMC.  You can discover how you fit into God’s plan. Associated Scripture: Matthew 25:31-40