Sundays in Advent: Paul
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This Sunday’s Scripture is often read at weddings, mistaken for romantic love.  Some have come to recognize that the Apostle Paul was writing to a community, and describing how their love should be for others in their family of faith.  In the Greek, this is called agape (a-ga-pay).  Perhaps there is something else Paul reveals to us, perhaps Paul is telling us how we ought to love our Lord as well.  Does our love of God reflect our patience, our hope in God and God’s promises?  The birth of Jesus was but one of God’s promises to us, but it is proof that God does keep God’s word, as in the fullness of time Christ came to us.  Even today Paul encourages us to be transformed by our love, not just for others, but God specifically, as God’s love transforms us from sinner to servant of Christ.  As we turn our eyes to glimpse the nativity star once more, may we rediscover God’s love literally written in the stars, and that can overcome all our sin. Associated Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13