Sundays in Advent: Abraham
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As we begin our journey towards the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus, our Lord, we begin with a man God called from an ordinary life into an extraordinary relationship and journey.  He began his life with the name Abram, but God would rename him Abraham to signify the covenantal blessing of fathering many nations.  His journey is one of many mistakes and sin, but his relationship with God allows him to overcome and be reconciled.  As we approach Christmas, we too are called to overcome our guilt and sin through the gift of the Christ-child and the grace that he embodies.  Jesus was the means by which God has reconciled us to God’s self, and our embracing that grace starts in recognizing all that is possible when we walk with our God by faith.  We are not left alone on this spiritual path.  Come and see just a glimpse of those God has brought together for the journey of a life-time. Associated Scripture: Genesis 15:1-6