Service of Prayer & Healing: Mary Magdalene Honors Our Lord
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On this day, the eve of a new calendar year, we consider what we want to change about ourselves and our lives in the new year.  After just celebrating the birth of our Savior, today we see one more faithful disciple of God, and how her example can help us grow in love for God.  Mary Magdalene has been slandered over the course of the Christian faith, even the Apostles did not listen and believe her as we see in this Sunday’s Scripture, but Mary would not let the doubts of others keep her from being faithful to God.  She continued to tell the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection, and God vindicated her.  If we stay true to God, then we do not have to fear how others will receive our faith.  God takes care of the faithful, just as God preserved Mary and her role in the Easter story.  As we gather, may Mary’s story become a source of strength for us, as we are now called to proclaim the truth of Christ. Associated Scripture: Mark 16:1-11