Philip: Model Servant of Inclusion
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Issues around inclusion are not unique to the modern Church.  From the very beginning questions about who is able to be part of the Church were part of the struggle and the Gospel story.  Our worship this week will explore what it means to place grace above judgment, and sharing the love of Christ over legalism.  In his day, Philip would have been repulsed by an Ethiopian eunuch, a man who was not only a foreigner, but one with genital mutilation.  There were many authoritative texts for Philip to cite to justify his rejection of the eunuch, but instead Philip makes room for the eunuch to encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it leads to conversion!  As we in the United Methodist Church continue to wrestle with inclusion, perhaps Philip can get to guide our discussions to reflect the heart of Christ more fully.  Maybe God will reveal even more to use int he midst of worship this Sunday.  Won’t you come and see for yourself? Associated Scripture: Acts 8:26-39