Palm Sunday
Johnhilker   -  

This Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, that liturgical time that culminates with Christ’s sacrifice upon the cross, grace for all, and the resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday.  We begin with Palm Sunday, a day of celebration at Jesus’ triumphant entry into the holy city, Jerusalem.  He is greeted with joy and cries of hosanna.  We celebrate that Jesus chose us over himself.  He made his way into the city, knowing he would not leave it alive.  He went to his death on the cross, because he values us more than himself.  So it is that Jesus gives us an example of the most profound love: one that will always choose others over the self.  So we are called to serve rather than be served.  We begin Holy Week wrestling with what that looks like for us as individual disciples and as the Body of Christ. Associated Scripture: John 12:12-26

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