Maintain the Unity of the Spirit
Crozetumc   -  

This Sunday, the first after Called General Conference, Pastor Sarah will share her experience and the message God has placed on her heart for our congregation as we look towards our future.  The words given to encourage the Ephesians in the Early Church ring out to us this day: all of us are called to God’s Church, and unity is the means by which we live this out.  What that unity might look and feel like is being placed before us for our prayerful discernment, but we all have a voice and a right to be part of this manifestation of God’s grace.  We cannot vision for our future if we do not draw closer to one another, so have shared sight.  As we worship together, may the Holy Spirit knit us together in a new and glorious way.  Come and be part of the next phase of God’s grace in Crozet and through Crozet United Methodist Church. Associated Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-13