Light in the Darkness: The Apostle Paul Acknowledges Anxiety
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Even before the added stress and suffering from COVID-19, the National Institute for Mental Health discovered that over 19% of adults in the US suffer from an anxiety disorder.  That’s 40 million people!  It is estimated that 30% of adults will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.  That makes what the Apostle Paul has to say all the more vital for us to hear.  We close out our worship series on mental health this week with a beautiful gift from Paul: recognition of the power and threat of anxiety.  He even mentions his own mental distress.  We invite you to join us in discovering the space Paul makes for us when we feel the crippling effects of anxiety, and he offers us some of the very same countermeasures he used.  Perhaps we can find guidance and hope for ourselves and others to help all of us find light in the darkness. Associated Scripture: Phillippians 4:6-14