Life Lessons
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The Bible should be foundational in the life of a Christian.  It complements the accumulation of knowledge gained in the formal educational process, which is not a straight path worldwide.  As much as scholarship in classic school subjects is important, more enduring are the learning and the living of lessons from the Bible.  They prepare one for life at work, advising that we engage our occupation diligently, appreciate that we serve with unique gifts and talents, and remember eternally that God wants our best.  They are a sound base upon which one can withstand the trials and tribulations of life.  We are encouraged to gain confidence, based upon the reality that, through faith, God is looking out for us – He takes care of his family – He has a plan for each of us.  They advocate that we find mentors in the pursuit of genuine wisdom by which we become intentional in our decision-making.  We are to demonstrate our renewing faith, reflecting that Jesus lived on earth to fully understand our temptations, sins and failures for which we are given mercy.  We are advised to practice forgiveness and seek people and relationships rather than earthly treasures.  We are to enjoy gratitude, daily – it’s hard to be thankful when we think we deserve more than we have already.  One measure of success is making a difference in the lives of others.  God loves us and thereby we can be changed.  As we are led by Him, may we be so faithful that we live with patience, compassion, kindness, respect and love. Associated Scripture: Colossians 3:12-17.