Justifying Grace
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Today we explore the second movement of God’s grace: justifying grace.  It allows us to stand upright before God Most High on the day of judgment, and be cleansed of our sinfulness.  Explore the text which proclaims that by Christ we are saved, and that the grace of the cross is ours even now, almost two thousand years after.  Even as he suffered and died, Jesus asked for the Father to forgive us for the sinfulness that necessitated his sacrifice.  He did not hold our sins against us, but sought to bring reconciliation between God and God’s people for all time.  Christ’s blood purifies us, and sets us free from our sin and death.  Because of Jesus Christ and our faith in his atoning death, we can stand before the throne of the Day of Judgment and be welcomed into the Kingdom to Come.  Discover what other mighty gifts justifying grace has to offer us this day!