Inspiring Saints: Saint Martin de Porres,The Patron Saint of Those Who Seek Racial Harmony
Johnhilker   -  

We conclude our Worship series on inspiring saints this Sunday with a person known as the first Black saint of the Americas: Saint Martin de Porres.  His mother was a freed slave of African and Native descent in Lima, Peru.  As he was not White, Martin was prohibited from joining a religious order, but he was able to be considered a “devoted” servant to the local monastery.  He refused to be dissuaded in his endeavor to become a fully fledged member of the Dominican order of the Catholic Church and ultimately triumphed against racism, prejudice, and Church prohibition to not only be a member of the Order, but become a canonized saint.  Come and see how his perseverance and refusal to accept rejection has inspired others to confront racism and other forms of prejudice within and outside of the Church. Associated Scripture: Revelation 7:9-17

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