Go, Serve All Like Woman at the Well
Crozetumc   -  

On Sunday we turn our attention to a woman often known for her sexual sin and who has no recorded name in Scripture.  Yet Jesus offers her the opportunity to become known for her effective ministry of evangelism.  Her dark and unsavory past becomes the means by which she can testify to God’s presence and power, and she finds it redeemed in the role it will take on to show people Jesus is the Messiah.  Christians are not perfect.  We all sin and fall short of the glory of God, but when we take on a posture of humility and authenticity, especially about ourselves, we discover just how equipped we have been made for true, vital ministry.  All those who gather for worship on Sunday were and are sinners, but what we are working towards is ending the cycle of sin and suffering we have perpetuated.  If we are willing to address our own sin, then others will have a model to address their own, and perhaps the world will find less evil, and more grace. Associated Scripture: John 4:25-42