Go, Serve All Like Nathan
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Accountability is often maligned as a dirty word, but right relationship is willing to help us stay on course, fulfill our promises and our potential, and stop us from spiraling into self-destruction.  When the prophet Nathan showed up to speak with King David, he had a tough message to deliver from God.  David listened to the story Nathan told, and was unable to see himself in the hurtful actions of the rich man, even though David immediately responded to the suffering of the poor man with outrage and a demand for justice.  Even Jesus spoke about the human ability to find fault with everyone else but ourselves.  This Sunday we consider when and how to speak truth in love and be part of the accountability God calls forth from us and for us.  The gift of reason and its application through critical thinking has a place in the Church, the Body of Christ, and we do everyone a disservice when we neglect it.  Discover how to help one another and grow together in love, so that we can go forth to bless others in Jesus’ name. Associated Scripture: 2 Samuel 12:1-13