Give All You Can
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As we conclude our Worship Mini Series on John Wesley’s sermon, “The Use of Money,” we discover the divine wisdom behind gaining and saving all that we can: so that we can give all that we can.  As people who are blessed to be a blessing in the name of Jesus Christ, we do encounter repeatedly times when we have the material means to help those with none.  The spirit of Christ calls to us to act as vessels of God’s mercy and kindness, and to give as we have first received from God Almighty.  Tithing and monetary gifts to the Church are about allowing God’s goodness to permeate every aspect of human life, not blind obedience to an ancient command.  The miracle of giving is that we discover how much we are blessed to be part of the divine response of providence to the needs of others.  Come and rejoice that we are able to take our rightful place as vessels of God in this place!