Fueling Our Faith: The Ministry of the Word
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Our second means of grace in our post-Easter Worship series is the ministry of the Word.  Many Christians have a Bible, but does it work for you?  God gave us the Scriptures to help us, guide and guard us.  In order for our Bible to really fulfill its divine purpose, it takes some work.  God has called some from the Body of Christ to be ministers of the Word, those we often refer to as preachers.  What’s involved with preaching and teaching God’s Word?  Get insight into the often hidden process of ministering upon the Word of God.  You might be shock to discover all that has to happen to bring together the ancient text of Scripture and the current context of our lives into a meaningful marriage that enriches those who read or hear it.  Clergy spend on average more than twenty hours a week on the ministry of the Word, because God demands its attention and care.  Yet no ministry is complete without the people of God to hear and receive it. Associated Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:10-16