Fueling Our Faith: The Lord’s Supper
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In the United Methodist Church, the Lord’s Supper is a sacrament, an outward and tangible sign of an inward and spiritual grace conveyed by God.  While we can be truly cleansed of our sin through the confession and pardon that is part of Holy Communion, it is also a means of grace to faithfully partake in it.  This is because it reminds us of Jesus’ offering for us, and testifies to its power.  Not only did Jesus invite his first disciples to continue to partake, but the Apostle Paul led the churches he founded in the sacrament.  It has been continues through the ages, and the Lord’s Supper remains a vital part of our faith as it is to faithfully remember and respond to God’s grace for us.  This week we explore some of the inner workings of the sacrament, and learn about how it can become a central part of our discipleship. Associated Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26