Fueling Our Faith: Searching the Scriptures
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Have you ever seen a Bible covered in dust, languishing on a shelf, or neglected in an otherwise thriving home?  If we all followed this week’s means of grace: searching the Scriptures, then more Bibles would take their rightful place as a crucial part of the disciple’s life.  A Bible only helps when it is read.  It is not a talisman, or an artifact; it is a the living Word of God for God’s people.  We are meant to read alone and in community.  We are called to continually read what God has said, promised, and called forth.  The Scripture have new significance each day, because our lives are constantly changing, maturing, and being impacted by others.  This Sunday we will dive deep into the gift of Scripture, and find ways to stay immersed in God’s truth. Associated Scripture: Psalm 119:1-18