Felons of the Faith: Our Lord, Jesus
Crozetumc   -  

We begin our next Worship Series on Felons of the Faith with the one through whom we have faith at all: Jesus, the Christ.  We often gloss over the felon status of Jesus.  He was arrested by the Jewish religious authorities and abused under their control even before Pilate and the Roman soldiers had their turn at causing Jesus pain and suffering.  Come and see that Jesus himself knew the pain of imprisonment and the injustice of earthly systems.  Perhaps this is precisely why he compels those who profess belief in him to visit the imprisoned (Matthew 25:36).  Before we break the bread of Holy Communion, we experience once more the attempts of Christ’s foes to break his body, mind, and spirit through the mechanism of prison.  Yet even now, God refuses to let prison mark us as irredeemable.  See why this Sunday! Associated Scripture: Mark 14:53-65