Faith in Isolation (Part 3)
Crozetumc   -  

We find ourselves in a continued state of separation from one another.  For some this may be a welcome sabbath.  For some this may be a struggle to endure.  No matter how you feel about the isolation, we can hear the cries of others.  We can recall that permanent separation causes pain and suffering, and it is the very thing Jesus came to overcome for us.  So as the days continue and the Body of Christ cannot gather as before, we hear our siblings in Christ echoed in the words of the Psalmist.  We hear the human spirit’s cries for reunion, holding on to God to bring deliverance from our current state.  When we feel cut off and lost, may we remember that our Good Shepherd is the one who was willing to go look for the lost one, and never abandon them.  When we feel pulled into the darkness of isolation, we cling to God and God’s promises.  Associated Scripture: Psalm 62