Christian Conversations: For Evangelism
John Hilker   -  

One of the most terrifying parts of following Jesus is making disciples, sharing the Gospel.  Many Christians avoid these conversations because they feel ill equipped, unworthy, or incapable.  We strive not to offend, and fear that our faith may become a place of contention among those we know and love, even amongst our family and friends outside the Church.  Yet our fear and anxiety does not negate the call from Christ repeated in all four Gospel accounts.  We must make disciples, bear fruit, and harvest what the Spirit has planted in the hearts of all people.  This Sunday we conclude our series on Christian Conversation with one of the most difficult and yet crucial conversations we can ever have: sharing our faith.  Join us as we learn that it is not about a sales pitch, but sharing who our Lord is to us, and that is more compelling than anything else to a heart that yearns for its Maker. Associated Scripture: Acts 8:26-40