Christ Transforming Culture
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This Sunday is the exciting conclusion of our Christ & Culture Worship series!  We end with H. Richard Niebuhr’s theological reflection on Christ transforming human culture and making things new.  Methodist theology has long asserted that there is no personal holiness (restoration of the divine image in which we were created) without social holiness (society being restored into the holy community prescribed in the Scriptures).  This is precisely because no person is an isolated island, but a social being.  Even if we personally would prefer to be one on one or in small groups, human beings crave and need social contact.  Thus our relationship to society and the culture it brings forth must be addressed by our personal theology, the way we think about God and the world because of God.  The church in Ephesus struggled with the very concept of transformation and the impact it would have on their culture.  Come and see what Good News the Gospel had to bless them with this Sunday and discover that the Gospel has Good News for you, too! Associated Scripture: Ephesians 2:13-22