Calling, Charge & Commission: The Redemption
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The Gospel is grounded in a promise, a hope, a vision in Revelation: that God is still making all things new, especially us.  This is one of the greatest gifts the Christian faith has to share with others.  Making disciples is not about membership in the Church, growing a denomination, paying the church’s bills, or saving souls.  Christ does the saving through his sacrificial death.  God provides for the Church through the work of the Holy Spirit in the faithful.  Our response to all this is the testimony of our lives: the encounters with God that make us better, more loving, more kind, and knit us together with others.  As we look to the final book in the Bible, we discover that Revelation has a message that grounds us in the promise that God is not done working for us, all of us.  Discover it for yourself this Sunday at Crozet! Associated Scripture: Revelation:21:1-6