Calling, Charge, & Commission: The Calling
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This Sunday we continue our exploration of the mission of the Church and our personal discipleship.  We will also be offered the opportunity to gather at the Lord’s Table, be justified through forgiveness and grace, and empowered to continue to grow in our love of God and others.  The story of Saul, the persecutor of the early Christians, transformed into Paul, the champion of Christian faith, guides us as we consider our transformation narrative.  Were we born and raised in the Christian faith?  Did we have an encounter that brought us into the Church?  Or are we still yearning and seeking?  No matter where we are on the path of discipleship, Jesus has given us a voice, a perspective, and a gift to give.  This Sunday, we invite you to discover your unique blessing to share, even as God blesses us with grace once again. Associated Scripture: Acts 9:1-20