A Month of Martyrdom: Joan of Arc
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At the age of nineteen, Joan of Arc was accused of witchcraft, convicted of heresy, and then burned at the stake.  Her crime?  She heard the voice of God at the age of thirteen calling her to lead her fellow French citizens to victory in battle against the British military.  She did just that and helped Prince Charles regain his throne and be crowned king.  The opposing side could find no explanation for the success of an illiterate, young, female peasant accomplishing such a task other than witchcraft.  Thus Joan was captured and martyred, as she refused to recant her testimony of God’s faithfulness to her and her willingness to follow the call she received.  Joan’s story is more biblical than most know.  Not only is there a scriptural precedent for such action by God, but Joan’s story fits with the prophetic words recorded in the Book of Joel.  Discover Joan of Arc in a whole new way and how her story can open our minds to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Associated Scripture: Joel 2:27-32