Pastoral Reappointment Process In Progress: How to Deliver Feedback

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United Methodist clergy are itinerant – sent, not called or hired. “Itinerancy” refers specifically to the commitment by pastors to go and serve wherever their bishops send them. The goal of this process is to match, as much as possible, the gifts and graces of the particular pastor with the needs of a particular congregation or ministry setting. Each year in the life of United Methodist churches, church leadership engages in the pastoral reappointment process where churches discern whether or not to recommend a pastor be appointed by the bishop.


We’re currently in that time of discernment this year. This year, the district superintendent has requested that we let you know that process is happening and provide an avenue for all range of feedback for Pastor Sarah and on the current state of the church. We have set up an email address for that you can use and will automatically send your feedback to all members of the council, unfiltered. This will allow your voices as members of the congregation to be heard in this process. To be considered in the process, feedback must be submitted by January 23rd.