2022 Christmas Gift Ministry: Hygiene Bag Collection

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2022 Christmas Gift Ministry, Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women

It is VERY important to get the sizes that are specified or items will not be accepted by the prison. They want everyone to get the same size items. PLEASE follow the directions below! They do not allow any substitutions or additional items in the Hygiene Bags! Drop off in the back of the sanctuary in a basket near the communications table.

**Hygiene Items – Place in a gallon zip lock bag.
1. One individually wrapped toothbrush – must be in original container
2. One tube of toothpaste – 6 oz. must be in original container
3. One deodorant stick, 2.6 oz – NO spray or roll-on and no larger than 2.6 oz
4. One bottle of shampoo, 15 oz – as close to 15 oz but no larger
5. One bottle of lotion, 15 oz – as close to 15 oz as possible but no larger