Prayer for Peace and People of Ukraine

Crozetumc   -  

Pastor Sarah introduced this prayer during worship on April 3.


Prayer for Peace & The People of Ukraine

God, our help and our hope in every time of life:

We bow before you in distress and confusion.

Devastation, violence, warfare, and death seem to rule your world today.

As it has erupted into the nation and the lives of the people of the Ukraine,

We know not where to turn, nor even how to pray.

Assure us that you know our thoughts before we think them,

That you accept petitions that have no words,

Prayers that are inarticulate of our anguish and sorrow,

Even our anger for events that defy reason and compassion.

Remind us all of your presence with and in Jesus,

In his hours of agony,

In the face of abandonment by many whom he trusted,

In the pain of earthly suffering,

And even death itself.

Enable us to know that you have not now nor ever will desert us,

But in times of need such as this you stand even closer than before.

Comfort those who mourn and those that are suffering in the Ukraine.

Give them your hope, especially to those who seem to have lost all hope.

With your healing, touch any who have been injured,

Grant your curative power to be at work through medical and rescue workers.

May we discover opportunities to serve those in need,

And so grant us generous spirits,

And the wise and efficient use of our abilities and resources in offering aid.

If we find our words of praise becoming mute,

If we find it easier to curse than to bless,

Remind us that though we may be overwhelmed with the darkness of sin and suffering now,

The dawn will come when we awake from this misery to a Kingdom with no mourning, or crying,

No sin, no warfare, and no death forevermore.

For you, Almighty God, are our hope and our strength,

An ever present help in this time of trouble;

To you we pray through Jesus Christ,

Who triumphs over all things.


-Adapted from Laurence Hull Stookey, This Day (2004), page 136-137.