Justice Ministry meetings coming up

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IMPACT is an organization intent on using the considerable influence of faith-based organizations within Charlottesville and Albemarle County to influence government for positive change, change that can help the least among us each and every day. When Crozet UMC joined impact in May, we made a commitment to participate in IMPACT’s social justice initiatives and one of the first steps in that process is to hold meetings about how we can help. This is an incredible opportunity to live out our Christian faith in the public square and use our influence to truly make a difference. The first of those informational and organizational meetings are scheduled for September 21st (over zoom) and September 22nd (in person at Crozet UMC). Contact Lila Law 717-576-6404  or email her at lilav2221@gmail.com so she can send the Zoom link or answer any questions you have. Please join us in supporting this important ministry!