Children’s Ministry Update 9.30.21

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Hello CUMC families, volunteers and former volunteers,


I am so excited that our children’s ministry is growing. I wanted to give you a brief overview of the lessons we will be covering between now and Christmas.  We just finished a month-long study of Moses’ life. In October and November we will continue a chronological study of the Old Testament.


Oct.3 – Deborah and Gideon’s Battle (Judges)

Oct. 10 – Samson (Judges)

Oct. 17 – Ruth (Ruth) 

 **The children will be helping present the children’s message  about the “Fruit of the Spirit” and singing a song we have been working on  at the 9am service!**

Oct. 24 – Hannah’s Prayer and Baby Samuel  ( 1 Samuel)

Oct. 31 – Israel’s first king-Saul (1 Samuel)

Nov. 7 – David is anointed and David and Goliath (1 Samuel)

Nov. 14 – David’s best friend, Daniel honors God, David sings to the Lord (1 Samuel)

Nov. 21 – Solomon (1 Kings)

Nov. 28 – We are Thankful! Bible trivia, games and celebration of everything we have learned!


We are learning the first 12 books of the Old Testament.  So far we have worked on the first 5 books of the Bible — Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.

Last week we added Joshua. As we learn the stories above, we will add the books through 2 Kings.


Parents and volunteers of our children’s ministry, if you have been in our church for 6 months, will you please consider volunteering to help during children’s worship? We need helpers for both our 9am and 11am services. No experience is required. You will go through a basic training and child protection policy class. You can serve bi-weekly, monthly, once a quarter or whatever time you are willing to serve our children. 


I would like to just take a moment to thank Ms. Libby and Ms. Laura.  We have to have 2 adults in order to have children’s worship. Ms. Libby and Ms. Laura have graciously served as our  two dedicated volunteers and our children’s ministry would not be possible without them.  Our preschool director, Ms. Amy and Maryalice have also filled in. Their help is such a blessing to our children!


Thank you for the privilege and joy of helping your children grow in their faith and love of Jesus!


Whitney Huff

Children’s Worship Minister